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Creating Missing Keyboard Shortcuts in Applications on Mac OS X

So I’m living with Mac OS X ATM, at least until Kubuntu is fully compatible with my MacBook Air. It definitely has its niceness, but boy oh boy, is it also extremely difficult and inconsistent to work with. One thing that is really annoying is the complete disregard for how the rest of the world does keyboard shortcuts. Or even doing shortcuts in the first place. Never have I seen anyone use the mouse(pad) so much as when observing the average Mac OS X user. Working on this system out-of-the-box is such a drag, everything takes ages because standard keyboard functionality is missing (like Home, End, and Del keys), shortcuts are inconsistent – if even there, navigating a dialog without using your mouse pad is a no-go, Cmd+Tab disrespects spaces, is filled with minimized and tray apps, and creates new windows ad libitum.

Lots of good apps are out there to fix these usability issues, but I just learned how to add keyboard shortcuts for functionality for 3rd party applications, which is a built-in feature of Mac OS X, and really, really cool. I’m sharing it here.

Example: Aptana Studio 3 on Mac OS X supports PHP editing, but there’s no keyboard shortcut for looking up the definition for words in the language. You have to right-click, choose Commands, PHP, Documentation for Word. Not exactly great. This used to be Ctrl+F2 or something like that. But as it turns out, you can just add a shortcut yourself. Open up System Preferences > Keyboard, and choose the Keyboard Shortcuts pane. Chose Application Shortcuts in the left pane, and click the + button underneath the right pane. In the dialog choose the application you want to create a shortcut for, in this case “” (which you’ll probably have to find yourself – it wasn’t in the list when I did it). In the Menu Title field type in exactly (case-sensitive and all) the menu item you want to create a shortcut for, in this case “Documentation for Word”. Focus the Keyboard Shortcut field and press the keys you want to use for the shortcut. Click Add.

Works straight away!

I haven’t yet experienced what happens if there’s a name collision. I mean, like “New…” appearing in two different menus or something like that. So I don’t know how you would define the correct one you want in the Menu Title field. Time will tell. If you know how to do that, please leave a comment :)

Linux Users More Generous than their Paying Mac and Windows Counterparts?

So, the Electronic Frontier Foundation wants me to buy the “Humble Bundle” – a pay-what-you-think-is-fair financed bundle of computer games. Not only that, but you get a choice of who to pay, too.

I went to the site and started reading – primary concern being, of course, “will it run on Linux?” I scrolled down and a pie chart caught my eye. The statistics for the previous Humble Bundle installment. An event that apparently resulted in the raising of $500,000 to EFF:

Payment Statistics for the Humble Bundle, Show Linux Users as Being Exceptionally Generous

Now, while Windows as a platform is the largest contributor, per user paying it’s also the smallest one, as you can see by the average purchase price by platform to the left. Actually, on average, a Linux user has coughed up about three times the amount a Windows user has. And about twice as much as the average Mac user.

Now, why is that? Well, I’d like to think that we’re just better people, but that would be stretching it a bit ;) Either way, with more than 132,000 purchases it’s damn hard to dismiss as statistical error. Given that any PC these days is hard to get without Windows pre-installed, it’s not like we have the extra money left to spend that we didn’t use on the OS. What do you think?

Chamber of Death

So this is the damage control for the Apple iPhone 4 antenna shit?

Okay, so because retards spent $100 million on non-real-world testing scenarios and put people in 2001: A Space Odyssey-esque chambers with a phone in their hand to take great pictures, we’re supposed to ignore the facts? What the fuck kind of retarded PR stunt is this? Oh yeah, sorry, it’s the same kind of retarded PR stunt that usually get the dicks hard on Apple monkeys on the prowl for more locked-in bananas.

Screw your pathetic excuses, the problem isn’t your antenna, it’s your attitude.

WHERE’S OUR FLASH? Where’s our freedom?

Duct-Tape Phone, Version 4

“Consumer Reports suggests iPhone 4 users cover the antenna with duct tape to help mitigate reception woes.”

Trash aesthetics, rock the fuck on!!! I want a duct-tape phone of my own! Can I be completely locked in, caught in a Flash-less mom-and-dad-esque fight, and at the mercy of a monolithic company’s decisions, too, please?

You got it, baby! Just order here.

Jokes aside, it really is amazing the rate at which Apple seem to mass-produce and distribute broken hardware. It’s like the old Danish song goes, “Made in Hong Kong, made of tin, sold to a crazy tourist from the innards of Copenhagen.” How, I mean how, do they stay afloat?