• Be Gone, Stupid Aptana Studio 3 Folders in My Home Folder

    Date: 2010.08.31 | Category: Development, Tech Stuff | Tags:

    What’s the deal with these automatically, and persistently, created Aptana directories – the ~/Aptana Studio 3 folder, and the other one, the ~/Documents/Aptana Rubles? I mean, hey, fair ’nuff to use some defaults for the first run, we’re used to that from Eclipse, but contrary to Eclipse, we can’t just change this. You’ll find that changing the default workspace and asking to use it and never ask again will do nothing of the sorts. On next startup, same shit, different day ;)

    Anyway, fear not: It’s simply a matter of changing a couple of lines in a couple of files.

    #1: “AptanaStudio3.ini” in the Aptana program folder. Here we get to define the rubles folder. At the end, add a line like this:


    Windows users would write something like C:\Path\to\My\Shizzles” instead. I prefer to keep this folder hidden, and most definitely not in my Documents folder. These ain’t exactly documents, ya know ;)

    #2: “config.ini” in the configuration subfolder of the Aptana program folder. This one sets the workspace folder. Change the line that resembles this to a location to you liking:


    Again, I like to keep this folder hidden, though my projects go into ~/Projects. You don’t have to put your projects in the workspace folder, you know ;)

    That’s it! Get rid of the old annoying cruddy folders, restart Aptana, and watch as the folders are not recreated. Yay, freedom FTW!

    EDIT: Removed quotes around path to rubles location (Thanks, Andrey)

    EDIT 2: Changing these files does not actually change the current workspace – it just makes Aptana stop insisting on using the ini files’ suggestion by default. So to make sure everything goes according to plan, do:

    1) File > Switch Workspace > Other, and select the workspace folder that you chose as your new one in the ini file (you can also copy the contents beforehand if you have settings you wish to keep)

    2) Preferences > General > Startup and Shutdown > Workspaces, and remove the old reference.

    Restart, and if all is well, just delete the old dir.